… when I started diving 37 years ago, everything was a bit "different".


At this time a was a young soldier and for me, diving was a big adventure. Training was hard and it quickly became clear that my passion are rebreathers.


During our training we always have heard this: “If you don't understand what you are doing and know what you breathe, it's not a question of whether you are going to die, it's just about when!“


But rebreather diving is also something special. I really like the silence, the freedom, longer diving times, better breathing and, above all, the technical components maybe because of my own technical edjucation.


I remember the time when I built my first rebreather by myself from an F104 pilot mask and items from the hardware store. It was not a perfect one, but it worked, I am still alive...

I have dived many different rebreathers the last 30 years, but none of them fascinated me as much as the AUP Explorer ...


We, the Tauchbasis Ilsesee became well known because we offer service and maintenance for the AUP Explorer worldwide. We also provide technical maintenance, repairs, service and conversions on various diving sports equipment such as rebreathers, regulators, buoyancy systems and dry suits.


So if you need an inspection/ maintenance on your diving equipment or a repair, you are welcome to contact us.


A professional company and workshop with more than

30 years of experience in diving are your advantage.


We guarantee a perfect work and usually we do have all the parts you need in stock. Shipping with us is easy. Our contracts with DHL and UPS guarantee that you will get back your goods back in time, safe and quick.

TBI Test Diver Frank before a test with an eCCR Explorer FMCL

Founder and CEO Jürgen with 2 units eSCR Explorers 

eCCR Explorer testdive secured by diver with JJ, Croatia 2014

Well known problems and their reasons...


It is a story about the bad LSS design of the eSCR Explorer and why AUP failed…

In advance, all problems have been solved by us and the Explorer is now, where it should be from the start.


We, the Tauchbasis Ilsesee (TBI), joined the Explorer program at the end of 2012, when the Explorer was introduced in Germany / Europe.


The first TL were trained here with us in Germany and the short distance to AUP Europe in Augsburg led to a very good partnership between TBI and AUP.

Right from the beginning we realized that something must be wrong with the electronics. Many problems occurred during the predive sequence or during the dive.

AUP told us this must be our fault, but my comrades and me had more than 30 years of experience with rebreathers, so we were absolutely sure, the problems were not caused by us.


Meanwhile the next problem came up. The handset's displays became dark and purple and harder to read with each dive. We were very frustrated at that point...

Before I founded the Tauchbasis Ilsesee in 2009, I held responsible positions in technical areas in the automotive industry for 25 years.

My experience told me that al those problems must be caused by a bad technical design. At that time I didn't know how right I was and how it would all turn out.


Nevertheless I was absolutely convinced of the Explorer. The question quickly arose for me, why a battery unit, which works without any problems in many other devices, causes such problems here.

Also the given explanations and statements by AUP did`nt made any sence. It was clear to me that they didn`t have any idea what went wrong and I have to say, they do not know it till today.

Unfortunately, AUP ignored my concerns. In the meantime, the defective LSS`s in Augsburg were piled up to the ceiling.


I decided it is time to find out what is going wrong by researching the problems and got to work...

Blown up batteries, typical error picture, LSS 2014

Defektive electronic, malfunction batteries, LSS 2015 

Handset with new display replaced by us. A special technical design ensures better brightness, more brilliant colors and it is easy to read! More safety when diving with the Explorer ...

AUP has installed the wrong display from the start. This leads to low brightness, low colors and poor readability. So if your handset looks like this, then you should get in touch with us immediately. Take a look at the left picture!

Testtauchgänge mit der 2. Gen. eCCR Explorer, FMCL, TBI 2019 


Left picture:


Test dive with  eCCR Explorer FMCL, 2nd. Gen.  TBI 2019



Our current development/ priority is focused on an eSCR/eCCR Explorer. With it, you can decide before the dive, based on which gas is available, which setting you choose on your Explorer. It works with EANX 32% up to 40% in eSCR mode or Diluent 21% and 100%O2 in eCCR mode.


We are working on this eCCR Explorer version for five years now. More than 1000 test dives are the best guarantee tor you to be sure that you will get a perfect working conversion kit.


Version 4.0 eCCR Explorer with O2 MAV is currently being tested, the conversion kit will be available in September 2021,

depending on how all will go on due to COVID...


So stay tuned, there will be great future for our Explorer, we never give up!


When I started diving the Explorer in 2012, I couldn't know where the journey would take me to. At this time I prefer to dive the AP Inspiration in the Classic and Vision version, later also the Vision 2020 and sometimes JJ.


All of them had their typical well known advances and disadvantages.


Now I prefer the eCCR Explorer. I like its performance and reliability. Sure, we all know, there are plenty rebreathers available with which you can reach other limits. But let's be honest, 98% of our dives take place at depths of up to 50m.



The Explorer is very suitable for this. Scrubber time of up to 4.5 hours with a 1.6 kg Sofnolime filling are unique. This means that the operating costs are low and the unit is significantly lighter weight than others. And you get a lot of advantages for free, e.g. CO2 monitoring



Here on my website you will find everything you are looking about for your Explorer. Whether spare parts, repairs, new or used Explorer. If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate and send me an email. It will take some time to list all of the parts here, especially conversion kits and parts that will improve your Explorer...



I wish you safe and relaxed dives with our Explorer!


Jürgen M. Scharm, CEO Tauchbasis Ilsesee/ explorertechnic.com

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