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1. Repairs of Explorer Elektronics

· Any Repair on LSS

· Update LSS MK I/ Repl. Batteries

· Replacement Batteries MKII

· Failure Detection/ Testing

· Handset Display/ Battery– Replacement

· Handset Reed Contacts Repair/Buttons


2. Annual Inspection Explorer


· Complete Annual Inspection Explorer

· 1. STAGE


· Exhale/ Inhale Lungs

· Scrubber/ Canister

· Loop/ Hoses


3. Conversion/ Special- Kits


· SemiConversion eSCR Explorer**

· FullConversion  eCCR Explorer**

· Blocking-Kit LCV


· Custom Made Parts

                                          *soon available

1. Repairs of Explorer Electronics

The defective LSS is clamped on a modern, electronically controlled router and the surface and deeper areas of the housing can be removed carefully.


You need a lot of experience for this. If the speed, feed and tool do not exactly match, the LSS will be destroyed.


It took us 2 years to find the optimal way and this will  guarantee a perfect result to you.

After that the housing gets its pressure-stabilizing and the prepared and tested batterypack is poured in again.

Now the LSS is being tested in a special test setup that we have developed by ourselves. For that we have developed a special testing device. (you will found this a few pictures down below)


The charging and discharging phase, communication with the sensor module and HP transmitter and a complete PreDive sequence follow.




LSS MKI on router working desk

Picture lefts: WorkingProtocol/Log, Incoming/Back to Customer






As already described, there is always a detailed documentation of the incoming and outgoing goods.


This ensures that wrong deliveries are not possible in any way.


Every test and every work step is recorded and signed in the documents by the responsible working person


There is an „Incoming  and a „Back to Customer Protocol“


Every part gets an identifier. This remains on the respective part until packaging.


This ensures that the goods leave our company in a perfect, complete condition in accordance with your order.

Picture left: Incoming check batteries for LSS MKI


Batteries that have just arrived will be assembled first to battery packs and then checked. Only flawless batteries will be  installed in the respective LSS.


Picture below: Assembling of batteriepacks

This happens when you try to open the cable port on the handset. The consequences are catastrophic. Incoming water will lead to damages on the mainboard and short circuits at the BMS of the battery. This means total loss. This is the reason for almost all defective handsets that we receive.

Picture left: Testing electronics with TBI testing device



After the LSS, Sensormodule and Handset are connected together, the system will be tested completely.


For this we have developed a special test procedure which simulates O2 / Co2 values ​​and pressure differences. We can simulate every situation in the system, regardless of whether it is hyperoxia or hypoxia (O2 excess / O2 undersupply).


We check whether the LSS processes the values ​​correctly and the handset correctly work off the relevant information, and shows exactly hints and alarms on the display.


Because we can shift O2 values ​​differently also, it is possible for us to check and evaluate every single oxygen sensor and its data communication in the Explorer system.

 Before the electronic gets opened, it must be disassembled and tested accordingly.


Performing the update makes no sense if areas on the motherboard have already been irreversibly destroyed by faulty batteries.


This is why I strongly recommend to update any MKI LSS to avoid any damage in future which can not be fixed anymore.


For example, before we start work, we check whether a connection to the HP transmitter and the sensor module is possible. The charging controllers will be also checked and whether the LSS has any external damage.


All of this is recorded in a data sheet. We call it the “working log”. This log remains with the associated LSS through all processes until it goes back to you.

Picture above: Newly equipped LSS are waiting for the next step


When we started with the eSCR Explorer in 2012 we quickly realized, that the electronics have multiple defects which are caused by faulty technical designs.


The LSS MKI does not have a pressure-resistant housing. Due to this, water gets to the LiPo batteries. Also these are unsuitable for this application because the developer gave incorrect temperature conditions to the manufactory.


The handset is equipped with a display that does not have a built-in voltage compensator. This leads to very poor readability by losing its brightness after some dives.


The LSS MKII, which was designed to fix all of these problems is not better at all. E.g. the HP receiver was simply placed at a wrong place so the signals from tank transmitter can not be received at any time without issues under water. The sealing of the housing is not very professional, we got a lot of flooded MKII until now.

Here are the good news. We solved all those problems and can offer you any needed solution here, just let us know your problem...

2. Annual Service/ Inspections for the Explorer


Picture above: Ultrasonic device, 1. stage ready for reassembling/ BOV disassembled, these are only examples..


The pictures above give you a little insight into how we work. (These are only examples).

The pictures down below show you a view parts we got all the time for servicing. Often the damage is hidden so that the owner of the Explorer cannot see it, such as the rusted clamps under the clamps of the breathing hoses.

Prices for repairs on div. Electronics of Explorer

Be adviced! All prices are exclude TAX because of diferent taxes of each country


Update LSS:                                         335euro

Replacement Display Handset:            167euro

Repair ReedContact Handset:               69euro

Replacement Battery Handset:              69euro

Replacement Batteries LSS MKII:       149euro

Repair Receiver LSS MKII:                  269euro

Complete Replacement LSS MKI:       820euro

Complete Replacement Handset:        790euro

Complete Replacement Sensormodul 290euro


Attention! The prices quoted are standard prices. This means that the final price can only be stated after we have checked the device that has been sent in.


It can happen that the repair cannot be carried out for various reasons. In this case, you have the option of returning your items for a fee (depending on the effort) plus postage costs. Usually everything goes fine, we give a full guarantee on our work.
More than 500 satisfied customers have let us do their needed work for the Explorer, especially its electronics, so far...

Prices for Inspection/ Services for your Explorer

Be advised! All prices are exclude TAX because of different taxes of each country


Annual Service cplt.                             490euro

Revision 1. Stage:                                  59euro

Revision BOV:                                       69euro

Revision LOOP:                                   120euro

Revision Counterlungs:                         29euro


any further service/ repair on request


E-Mail Contact


Attention! The prices quoted are standard prices. This means that the final price can only be stated after we have checked the device that has been sent in.


It can happen that the repair cannot be carried out for various reasons. In this case, you have the option of returning your items for a fee (depending on the effort) plus postage costs. Usually everything goes fine, we give a full guarantee on our work.
We can proudly announce that we have more than 500 satisfied customer...

We will perform any possible inspection/ revision/ service on your Explorer, no matter in which version it comes to us.


Our guarantee: We only use genuine parts.


Of course partial services/ revisions are possible. Just let us know what you need.


· Loop/ Lungs


· 1. and 2. stage

· Scrubber/ Canister




other needed works/ services on request:


All parts will be:


· completely dismounted

· checked for any damage/ wear

· cleaned by ultrasonic with special cleaning fluid

· disinfected

· assembled by the manufactures specifications


After that, a test report / working log is created in which all data such as incoming inspection, out carried work and final inspection as well are documented.

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We are looking for defective electronics (LSS) MKI or MKII or handsets! Condition doesn't matter! If you have one for sale, just send a short e-mail and we'll get in touch with you immediately...