Spare Parts for the eSCR/ eCCR Explorer


 We offer all necessary service kits * and spare parts * as well as parts / conversion kits for the Explorer which we have produced by ourselves.


We are developing new parts and improvements constantly.


If you need something, just get in contact with us, we promise that we will get in touch with you immediately.


we are also getting e-mails where people asking if we would sell the parts that we use for repairs for the Explorer individually.

No, we cannot and we are not allowed to. Firstly, there are legal reasons, and secondly, simply because we don't share our knowledge with anyone for understandable reasons, and most repairs won't work without them.



You will find all exploded drawings on this side. Just tell us the number of the part you need and you will get an offer. This depends on whether you want a new part or a tested but used one.


* The service kits and single spare parts are only sold to certified Explorer technicians. Please send us a copy of your  certificate (Explorer Technician).

The following service-kits are available:


· Explorer Spares-Kit, includes all essential parts that could break e.g. while on vacation


· Explorer Annual Service-Kit, includes all service-kits down below:


· DC7/ Explorer 1st. Stage Service-Kit


· Service-Kit BOV


· Service-Kit Explorer CO2 Filter


· Service-Kit Explorer Canister


All parts and service kits on request. Please send us an email with the exact description of what you need. We check our stock and will make you an offer.

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